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Our Academic Programs:

GED Preparation Program

Train to take the GED Exams.

Available in English and Spanish!

High School Diploma Program

Complete your credits needed to graduate with your High School Diploma.

Our academic programs are for adults 18+ who seek to take the GED exams or obtain their High School Diploma. 

Choose from a variety of course offerings and work at your convenience. You will work one-on-one with our instructors to get the support you need to train to take the GED or complete your coursework and receive your diploma. Courses are online, so students are free to work at home and at their own pace. 

*Our curriculum is approved by the State of California. 

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Enroll in Two Easy Steps:

Step 1: 

Schedule a Registration Meeting

Schedule an in-person registration meeting with an instructor. 

Step 2: 

Sign the Transcript Release Form

Download, fill out, and electronically sign a transcript release form to obtain your transcripts from your previous school. 


Email the filled out form to:

Which program is right for me?

What is the GED Exam?

The GED is a high school equivalency diploma which stands for "General Educational Development". Obtaining your GED indicates that you show competency in high school academic subjects. The GED exam is a series of four core subject tests, including; 


Language Arts

Social Studies


You don't have to take all four tests at the same time. You can study for one at a time and take the tests at your pace.

What is the difference between a GED and a High School Diploma?

Both GED and high school diplomas show prospective colleges and employers that you can apply academic skills according to current high school standards. Although a GED is a high school equivalency diploma, many people still view a high school diploma as superior to the GED.

A major difference between a GED and high school diploma is where they are accepted. Prestigious 4-year colleges/universities do not accept a GED in place of a high school diploma. But almost all community colleges welcome GED holders. Technical schools and 2-year programs also regard a GED diploma as satisfactory for admission.

Another difference between diploma types can be seen in the employment field. All employers accept a high school diploma, but not all will embrace a GED. Certain employers will not hire GED graduates, so research company policy before sending in a resume.

How do I know whether I should take the GED or enroll in the High School Diploma program?

The decision to either train to take the GED or enroll in our High School Diploma program is up to you. Our Adult Education Teachers will evaluate your transcripts to see how many credits you need to graduate with your High School Diploma. This will help you decide which path to take. 

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What to expect at your Registration Meeting:

You will meet with one of our teachers to complete the registration process.

At your registration meeting, you will:

Please allow for a minimum of 1 - 1.5 hours for a registration meeting