Adult Basic Skills Program

Prepare for your next step!

This program follows the same format as our Academic Programs.

This program is designed to:

Prepare adults to enroll in our Academic Programs if they are returning to school after many years with our pre-GED program.

Help adults improve the basic skills they need to be successful in community college or the workforce.

Learn skills to help your children with homeschooling and homework.


Prepare for entry into our GED or High School Diploma programs.

College & Career Readiness

Improve your employability or prepare to enroll in college.

Click here to learn more about College & Career Readiness

Homework Help

Learn academic skills to help you assist your children with their homework.

Enroll in Two Easy Steps

Step 1:

Register Online

Fill out the online registration form to get started today!

Step 2:

Schedule a Registration Meeting

Schedule an in-person registration meeting.

What to expect at your Registration Meeting:

You will meet with one of our teachers to complete the registration process.

At your registration meeting, you will:

  1. Talk about your goals, needs, and schedule.

  2. Go over and sign your ICOE Adult Student Agreement.

  3. Set up your mandatory weekly meeting with your instructor.

  4. Schedule your placement test.

  5. Learn how to access our online curriculum.

  6. Set a pacing guide to stay on track this semester, if desired.

Please allow for a minimum of 1-1.5 hours for a registration meeting.